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Why Choose Ben Newman as Your Next Speaker?

“As a speaker, Ben Newman is outstanding. He is inspirational and he delivers concrete takeaways for greatness.”

Dr. Jason Selk, World Renowned Sports Psychologist,
Best-selling Author of “10-Minute-Toughness” and “Executive Toughness”

Keynote & Half Day Business Performance Coaching Seminars

Ben Newman’s most requested topics are geared towards SUCCESS, Mental Toughness, Leadership Development and High Performance Sales.

Designed to educate, inspire, and empower, presentations are available as Keynote and Half-Day Seminars customized for your organization’s specific needs.


Ben Newman Speaker Reel

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Your Mental Toughness

Attendees will learn the Mental Training Tools Ben teaches to athletes in the NFL, PGA & NCAA as well as entrepreneurs and business professionals around the world.

The Power to REFRAME

Mental toughness is all about disciplined thinking. Learn to place your emphasis on solutions that you can control rather than on results. We can all choose the manner in which we respond to adversity.

YOUR “I Am” Statement

Focus on the person you are destined to become as you write the story of your LEGACY. Focus on your dreams becoming a reality by designing YOUR ideal daily statements to drive performance.

YOUR Prizefighter Day

The world that we live in today has become so complex, the world is moving so fast. Financial markets are up and down. We have pressure from work. We face obstacles with friends and family and the natural ebb and flow of life. What if there was a way that you could target EACH and EVERY day as a victory by focusing on daily activities rather than trying to hold on too tightly to results? Here comes YOUR Prizefighter Day!! Are you ready for the next level of GREATNESS in your life personally and professionally?

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Stay in YOUR Lane. Be the Best YOU.

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Own YOUR Success: The Power to Choose Greatness and Make Every Day Victorious

This presentation is based on the principles from Ben’s book instilling the lessons of:

  • Attaining Belief on Yourself
  • Acting with Courage and Integrity
  • Doing Truly Great Things
  • Creating a Living Legacy
  • Trusting in the Greatness of Others

Uncovering YOUR Why: Establish the key indicators that fire you up and ignite your passion and purpose for life

The Janet Fishman Newman Story: Uncover your COURAGE to persevere and serve others by hearing this humbling story

The Power of TEAM: Advocates vs. Adversaries: Identify KEY RELATIONSHIPS that will help support you and your team on your path to greatness

Identify your PERSONAL PRIZEFIGHTER DAY: Drive personal and team results with accountability and goal tracking and overcome the instinct to place too much focus on the results, rather than the passion for the process.

The POWER of LEGACY: YOU are writing the story of YOUR life and YOUR Legacy. Be empowered to grab your future and start creating
your LEGACY today!

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Driving Your Sales Success

Ben has over 20 years experience selling at a very HIGH level. His past sales performance garnered him national recognition within the Financial Servcies industry with production in the TOP 1% of advisors around the world on a team managing over $250 million dollars of assets. After selling his practice, Ben can now be found on stages and in boardrooms around the world sharing his proven sales strategies to empower others to sell at their highest level.

Ben is also an official Sales Trainer for the St. Louis Cardinals.

YOUR High Performance Sales Process

5 Key Principles to Build a Long Term Relationship and the 7 Psychological Sales Triggers to drive your results!

The +1 Concept

Learn to navigate Social Media, including the language that uncovers big sales through the Internet and how to blur the line between friendship and work to get the best referrals.

LOVE the Phone

Make your phone your strategic partner on your path to greatness!

The Million Dollar Idea

Be a part of what audiences say is “THE KEY TO SUCCESS.” Have fun as you learn to take your sales to the next level through this interactive sales experience.

“Uncover your true potential and create a life that belongs to YOU.”

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Leadership Through Legacy

A powerful story and perspective of the succession of a FORTUNE 500 company to the next generation of leadership.

Intentional Leadership: “Be where YOUR feet are!!” Intentional Leadership is a simple concept centered on mapping your own personal success journey and using your experiences to create something lasting that others can benefit from. When you define and create your intentional leadership with legacy, you are more likely to reach your own goals, and, in doing so, to empower others as well.

The Power to REFRAME: When faced with adversity, REFRAME the negative response and choose the positive SOLUTION to keep YOU on YOUR path to greatness.

The Power of TEAM:

  1. Passion for the Process
  2. Trust
  3. Legacy

The Art of Power vs. Authority in Leadership: explore the research of Max Weber and the importance of the empowerment of the people you lead.

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