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Your Mental Toughness Academy

This package includes everything Ben’s learned over years of trials and tribulations. You get an up close look at WHAT mental toughness is, HOW you can build it, and HOW you can implement it in your life, every day!

PLUS Gain access to Ben’s #1 coaching tool, “Your Emotional Trigger.” This is his golden bullet in 1-on-1 coaching to drive huge transformation and has never been shared before publicly.

Book Ben

Ben Newman is one of the most highly sought after performance coaches and motivational speakers. His work with Fortune 500 firms and Professional Sports organizations has been featured in Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur and many others.


Leave YOUR Legacy

Learn to live a truly exceptional life with the help of author, speaker, and performance coach Ben Newman. In Leave YOUR Legacy, you will see firsthand how to drive impact by changing your perspective and connecting to your life’s purpose. Newman shows you how to be your best self with this touching story that clearly illuminates the steps needed to create major change in your life by following the ups and downs of the protagonist, Pierce. Join Pierce on his journey to greatness–from the humble beginnings of enacting change and resisting old behaviors to the reframing of his thoughts and actions and eventually understanding his legacy.


YOUR Mental Toughness Playbook

Are you ready for the next level of YOUR success? This playbook and video series is about YOUR mental toughness and embracing the fact, that your success is not just about changing your habits it’s about changing the way that you think. The most successful people are those who exemplify the importance of combining great habits and passion for the process with their ability to embrace adversity and challenge, to remain strong in driving their goals to completion. In this program YOU will explore six phases of YOUR Mental Toughness. The phases include Attaining Belief in Yourself, The Power to REFRAME, YOUR “I AM” statements, YOUR Prizefighter Day, YOUR Legacy Statement, and creating YOUR Environment for Greatness. This program has seen proven results with athletes in the NFL, PGA, and NCAA as well as Fortune 500 executives and top business professionals all over the world. Are you ready to embrace YOUR mental toughness?

Get YOUR Mental Toughness Playbook here.


Own YOUR Success

Told through the eyes of an executive at the top of his game, yet the bottom of his existence, Own YOUR Success will lead you to uncover your true potential and create a life that belongs to YOU. Based on Ben’s popular program of the same name, Own Your Success offers original, practical, and proven exercises and strategies, as well as real-world advice, to transform challenges into maximum performance and greater success.


Fight the Good Fight

Several years ago Ben Newman’s grandmother gave him a personal gift he treasures — a journal his mom left behind. Within its pages he discovered her legacy of hope, resolve and inspiration. As he shares parts of it with you in the ensuing pages, his hope is that it imparts to you, too, insights and encouragement.
Though the journal was a personal record kept during his mother’s medical ordeal and not a memoir intended to be read by Ben, his brother, or anyone else, it is surprisingly full of wisdom that seems meant for us all. When he reread her thoughts on how to live as a champion in the midst of struggle, he was strengthened by her words, as if she had written him a personal letter.


Pocket Truths for Success

Pocket Truths for Success was written to be an in¬spiration for anyone facing the seemingly insur¬mountable challenges on the road to life’s great successes. Personal and professional success is a difficult endeavor and possibly even harder to sustain once achieved.

This book addresses the two pivotal issues of achieving and sustaining success in the complex ever-changing world we live in. Today, many choose dependency over pursuing opportunity and achieving success. Through the best and worst of times, Pocket Truths for Success is your concise guide, a quick read, a shot in the arm, a source of inspiration for your next great accomplishment in life. It will help keep you on your respective path of success and always challenge you to seek greater things in your life.


Gotta Fight the Shadow of Doubt (DVD)

This captivating DVD of Ben addressing a crowd of 12,000 at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee should be, without a doubt, seen multiple times over. The next shipment has just come in, and as they have been sold out in the past, do not delay! Be sure to grab yourself a copy today while they last.

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